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Abhishek Suman | Abhijeet Suman Brother
Abhijeet Suman's BrotherAbhishek SumanAbhishek Suman is Abhijeet Suman Brother. He lives in Kolkata, India. Abhishek Suman is Electronics & Communication Engineer and placed in TCS.
Anjana Soni | Abhijeet Suman Mother
Abhijeet Suman's MotherAnjana SoniAnjana Soni is Abhijeet Suman's Mother. She is Primary School Teacher under Goverment School. Anjana Soni lives in Patna, Bihar with Family.
Sanjay Kumar | Abhijeet Suman Father
Abhijeet SumanFatherSanjay Kumar is Abhijeet Suman Father. He is Civil Engineer living in Patna, Bihar. Sanjay Kumar age is 44 years & doing goverment job in BSWC, Patna.