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Hello, I'm Abhijeet Suman an Engineer. I have completed my 24 years in my life including school life, college life and bachelors life as well. I have graduated and received B.Tech Degree in 2016 with 1st division marks. Here you'll know about my school life....

Hello viewers and readers, warm welcome to all of you. I am writing my first blog starting from schooling. Please forgive me if something wrong, read complete to know school life of Abhijeet Suman.

My  schooling started in Patna, Bihar and joined “New Era High School”. I am very simple and innocent boy from my childhood, my schooling was just simple as other normal children’s but there are some special moments and events i will be sharing with all of you.

In starting of my schooling i cried a lot because i have to go to school for 6-8 hrs and have to be far from my lovely family. I don’t wanted to go but has to start my career and slowly i started going. My mom make daily new dish for lunch so that i can eat well. Mom come to drop and receive me from school. She buy chocolates and other things also what i needed.

Change of my School

I studied up to class 4 in New Era High School afterwards i move to “Ishan International Public School”. My father was distributor of books, dress & stationary for Ishan International Public School, so i took admission in that school and continued my schooling further from class 5 to 12th.

How i spend my School Life

I am not more talkative so i am not interested to talk with others and due to this i made few friends but all of them are true friends. From New Era i have almost 4-6 friends till now in contact and from Ishan i am in touch with 6-8 friends. We all friends enjoyed schooling in all possible way and take every experience in our life such as – Bunk, Canteen, Late, Skip Exam, Playing, Burning Crackers, Movies, Cheating, Making fool, Being fool and many more.

In small age we don’t have more knowledge but by performing extra curricular activities we get hands on experience in day to day life. My childhood is full of entertainment and enjoyment no studies. I just used to study before 2-3 days of exam and write my paper in this way i pass the exam.

My family & parents

My family & parents are very sweet and i get more love from all of them. I was most elder child in my family so got more love. Family supported me and taught me good lessons and behavior due to which today i am simple boy with positive attitude.

Board exam i scored about 80% of marks and due to this my parents become happy as i was an average student. They bought me new bike (Discover) to go college. I was very happy kid in childhood no more tensions, studies, no bad habits life was only to enjoy.

After 10th Exam

After completing my board exam and getting bike i continue my studies in same school. For +2 & at the same time i took admission in coaching institute for IIT-JEE preparation. I spend about 1 year, later i leave that coaching institute. Reason for leaving is i can’t study well and syllabus was moving faster  compute. Furthermore i lost my studies habits and going wrong, at the time of exam i realized i don’t know anything. Anyhow i manage to pass the 12th exam but stuck in maths & have to give improvement exam for maths. My all family was sad due to my results then i realized they do everything for me but i didn’t did my studies also properly. I completely broke but as wise man say there is never too late, so i just start improving my maths and gave exam after 3 months and i passed.

After 12th Exam

I took gap for 1 year after 12th exam for improvement and preparation of IIT. But cant study entrance well that is why i have to join private college for B.Tech. I wasted this 1 year gained nothing only time pass but i don’t have any regrets because at that time i needed time to think about my career.

Now when i remember all those old days just miss and all this is in my best memory of childhood. Finally i would like to say that “Live your each day as last day of our life & always be happy in your life”.


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    Nicely presented i can feel you bro well done

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    Kept it Simple but Effective !!

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    Nicely Written

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